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Judicial Council Declines to Issue a Recommendation about Patishtán's Case

R. Garduño and E. Méndez
La Jornada, 19th September, 2013
The Federal Judicial Council (CJF) declined to issue an opinion or exhortation to the Twenty-First Collegiate Tribunal of the Twentieth Circuit which denied freedom to the Tzotzil teacher Alberto Patishtán Gómez. In response to a point of agreement issued on July 5th by the full Chamber of Deputies, in which it calls for a resolution linked to human rights, the CJF maintained that, like all judges and magistrates of the Judiciary, the tribunal referred to "relies on autonomy and independence for issuing its decision." Therefore, it stressed that "[the CJF] cannot issue any recommendation, opinion or influence members of that tribunal." In an official letter signed by Judge Luis Fernando Angulo, Secretary General to the President of the CJF, the Chamber is informed that any opinion "could disrupt judicial autonomy and independence, considering that the issue must be resolved by this authority, and that there are legal means to which (Patishtán) can appeal the decision in his case."


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