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Letter from Patishtán: We continue onwards

Prison no. 5, San Cristobal de las Casas,
Chiapas, September 30, 2013
Very dear compañer@s from different organizations, trade unions, collectives and students from Mexico and the world, by this means I send you my combative greetings in a spirit of fath and hope to always continue to press for justice.
Compañer@s I am forever grateful for your worthy contributions to this just cause, in which you have always accompanied the demand for my freedom from this unjust imprisonment; we have also seen the attitude of the judicial power of the federation together with the first appellate court of the twentieth circuit in Chiapas, today again they have marked and remarked history, the history of a dark and empty Mexico where the only rulers are corruption, ambition, the power to be served; now we the poor, we who are the colour of the earth, we are excluded from law and justice.
Friends, we continue to move forward carrying hope and victory, I for my part still do not rest, nor will I be quiet, quite the opposite, because I know that I and we will always reach the goal. Well brothers and sisters, have the strength of God and always be blessed on this just and true path.
To Live or Die for Truth and Justice
Political Prisoner from the Voice of el Amate,
adherent to the sixth of the EZLN
Alberto Patishtán Gómez

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