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We want Alberto Patishtán to be Healthy and Free

October 1, 2013
Colectivo Ik'
Following some information published recently about the health of Alberto Patishtán which states that he is suffering from cancer and diabetes, we consider it appropriate to share what information we have with those who support him in solidarity and affection.
Doctors at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico City have confirmed the existence of a tumour in his pituitary gland, whose growth, affecting the optic nerves, came to restrict the vision in both eyes. The treatment agreed was an operation, which took place in October 2012, with the extraction through the nose of as much of the tumour as possible without risking negative consequences in the area of the brain. The operation was successful and released the pressure on the optic nerves, and Alberto regained almost all his sight, just a small lateral angle was not recovered and may not be recoverable.
The doctors explained that after he had recovered from the operation he must return to be examined to determine the growth of the tumour and its proper treatment. This test was conducted in September 2013 with the results showing that the tumour is growing and requires immediate radiotherapy and chemotherapy. At the beginning of October 2013, Alberto started receiving these therapies at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery.
These therapies are likely to affect his physical state in various ways and he will need the full force of his spirit to come through successfully, and then for his physical recovery, which will undoubtedly be long and painstaking. What today touches our heart is the life and health of our brother Alberto Patishtán.
Alberto Patishtan y su nieta Genesis. 13 de septiembre 2013. Foto: Colectivo Ik'
In recent months, after experiencing some discomfort in his back, he was examined and provided with a belt and a shoe inserts, which appear to be to correct his spine. And while the latest analysis gave high levels of triglycerides and glucose, which currently leads to his having a diet without sugar or fat, by no means have they diagnosed diabetes. And the doctors from the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery when informing him and his family have never used the word cancer, last year or now. The existence of a pituitary tumour that required surgery and now requires hard therapies is enough concern for him, his family and those who feel close to him even at a distance, without adding more difficult words that do not help what Alberto needs today, strength for therapy, rest for his convalescence and hope to recover and continue ... living for justice.
Just as in his true and obstinate struggle for justice, Alberto has made ​​us understand the mechanisms of the Judiciary, which are not those of justice, now he makes us interested in understanding the health system in Mexico.
Because the prison health system brought him here, he was imprisoned in 2000 and transferred to the prison " El Amate " in 2004 where he remained until 2009, when he was transferred to San Cristóbal de Las Casas prison number 5, where in 2010, complaining of discomfort and loss of lateral vision, he was admitted to the "Better Life" Hospital in Tuxtla Gutierrez where he was misdiagnosed with glaucoma. His vision continued to deteriorate, he was seeing as if he were in a tunnel. The insistence on restoring his health led the authorities to have him examined again by a doctor in 2011, who indicated the need for a CT scan; this was carried out in May 2011, but the results were not disclosed to Alberto or his family, nor to the doctor who examined him. In October 2011 he was transferred to Sinaloa, to CEFERESO 8 in Guasave, where, due to complaints of medical neglect, studies were conducted and he was diagnosed with "ischaemic optic neuropathy" and prescribed (and given) ... glasses and drops for redness of the eyeballs.
Granted the amparo which had been filed against the transfer, he was returned to prison number 5 in San Cristobal in July 2012; the insistent demands concerning his visual health led to the authorities arranging further tests and finally sending him to the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico City where they identified the need for the operation and the therapies he is now awaiting.
Alberto has also taught us, through the hard testimony of his health being at risk, that prison healthcare is about prison, not health. That to the many injustices must be added the deterioration in health due to total neglect by the authorities of the requirements of their duties, the care and protection of those who are in prison, who according to the law are under the guardianship of the state.
Today the solidarity expressed throughout the world with Alberto Patishtán calls us to the twofold need to seek justice, for the recovery of his freedom and for the recovery of his health. We do not want a martyr or a victim. We want a healthy and free Patishtán. This is what we are fighting for.
Colectivo Ik'
San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. October 1st, 2013

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