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Caravan in Support of Patishtán Leaves Mexico City today

Fernando Camacho Servín
LaJornada, 29th August, 2013

With the demand that the judiciary in Chiapas do their work without further delay, a caravan of dozens of people will leave this afternoon from the Federal District [Mexico City] for the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, where they will visit the Tzotzil teacher Alberto Patishtán, on the eve of a debate that could release him after thirteen years of imprisonment.

Participants in the mobilisation will depart at 5:00 pm from the Monument to the Revolution. The following day they will visit the indigenous activist in the prison of San Cristóbal. Then they will meet with the judges of the twenty-first Collegiate Circuit Court based in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, who are those who will revoke or affirm Patishtán's sentence of sixty years in prison.
In an interview with La Jornada, Hector Patishtán, the Tzotzil professor's son, stated, "First, we are going to demand that the study of the case be conducted according to the law, because the time for doing so has already taken too long." 
After completing this step, he explained, one of the three members of the Court will be elected by their peers to prepare a draft decision within a period not exceeding ten days, which will then be analysed by the other two prior to announcing a final verdict.
"Seeing how things are, we are ruling out it being on September 5. We think that it is going to be the middle of the month. We are all very positive, especially me, with our spirits up and hoping that with the caravan, the judges will know who Alberto Patishtán is, who the political prisoner is whose case record they are going to review," emphasized the young man.
"It would be too much if the judges said no (to the release of his father). If this legal route doesn't work, we have the possibility of a presidential pardon, but we don't want to come to that," he said.

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